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Did you ever notice we live in metaphor, dream in metaphor and frequently speak in metaphor? It’s how our soul communicates with us. Our bodies speak to us when our minds are in a state of dis-ease. It’s what we call the mind-body connection. And when we figure out the metaphor we can often find the tools to help end the discomfort.

One recent striking example for me was when a loved one pinched a nerve in her neck. I told her that her throat chakra was blocked and she rolled her eyes at me.

As she wrestled with the pain in her neck she eventually found comfort sitting on the couch partially propped back, pillows surrounding her. The NSAID had finally kicked in and the pain at bay as long as she didn’t move quickly. Things were stable until she suddenly winced and cried out in pain.

“What happened? You seemed okay,” I asked.

“I bit my tongue.” Came the reply.

I started to chuckle - “Ok, so when you bite your tongue you experience a sharp pain in your neck and it makes you cry?”


“Ok, great, so now you know how to make it go away. Stop biting your tongue, speak your truth, let your words and tears flow. What were you talking about when you bit your tongue?”

“My best friend moving.”

“Ahh, you are holding back your sadness.”

And the dam broke, tears rolled, words came. It was a turning point in the healing. From that moment forward the neck improved quickly.

The way the mind-body connection works is this: when we have a blocked chakra in our subtle energy field, we find dis-comfort or dis-ease in our body connected to that region. It’s our soul’s way of tapping us on the shoulder to tell us we are not living in alignment with our true purpose. The messages are very literal and come in

easily understood (and easily overlooked) metaphors.

The neck is our throat chakra. It reminds us to speak our truth. When we stifle our truth we begin to see injury in our throat region - biting tongues, pinched nerves, chipped teeth, tonsil stones, canker sores. Something or someone is being a pain in your neck - literally and figuratively, and quite often that person is you.

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