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Karma + Lesson = Gift - KLG

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

When our soul comes to this earth to meet our body, it comes armed with three things - a karmic debt to repay, a lesson to be learned, and a gift to give back to the planet.

The debts, lessons and gifts may be one or may be many, or perhaps have many components.

Initially we live our karmic life. We are here to repay a debt, and so in living we repay. Did you ever notice we are all troubled; we all have something upon which we could improve? For some of us that comes in the form of selfishness, addiction, abuse, alcoholism, violence, depression, isolation, an inability to give or receive love, not understanding the word "no", acting out sexually, giving away our power, or a combination of issues


When we feel like we keep banging our head against the same wall, it is time to pay attention. This is a signal for us to wake up and see the lesson, for our karmic living gives us the clue that there is a lesson to be learned. Pay attention to those repeat arguments you get into, or the repeat behaviors, repeat traumas, repeat accidents, repeat injuries or illnesses..... not so coincidental. Our soul is giving us these, “Why me?” experiences so that we may first notice, and then unlock the lesson.

The beauty in unlocking the lesson is that you can now stop living the karmic life related to that lesson, you can now heal. Ah, but how do we heal?

You pull the behaviors or experiences off the shelf, roll them over in your hands, really look at them, pick them apart, digest the components, start to understand what they are, what they mean, how they make you feel, identify what you need to heal.

Now that you have these keys you can begin to use VFR to heal - validate the feelings, forgive yourself and others, release the pain and negative energy. It is in healing that we begin to apply the lesson to our life and end payment of the karmic debt.

And then a beautiful thing happens - you unlock your gift as a reward for all of your hard work - the gift you were given to give back to this life, this planet, the people and the animals.

We are each so uniquely powerful. A complex matrix of beautiful gifts unfold every day when we unlock our gifts and give back to the community.

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