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Friendship as Container

The idea of friendships as a container helps me see things differently. Think about how we hold a different type of space for each of our friends or each group of friends.

If you imagine the relationship itself as a container you can see how the container holds the energy of each individual as well as the energy of the group as a whole. Some days the input of energy from one source may be more or less than from other sources as the energy ebbs and flows. Ideally over time this is a balanced flow. If I concentrate and close my eyes while thinking of the container, I can feel the love.

Enter the idea of loneliness:

In times when you are alone, what happens as you look to your containers? Do you continue to feel plugged into them from a distance? Do you see them as impenetrable snow globes? Has the relationship changed or does the container just feel closed off to you from your perspective?

Would dipping into one of those containers give you sustenance? How do you go about reaching into that container? What stops you from picking up the phone or sending a text or a card to say hello?

Our network of friends may not know when our light is dimmed, but if we can find a way to connect for a dip into the container we will find much needed sustenance. The container will give without knowing we have a need.

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